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City Credit Capital is about empowering you, the trader, with the tools you need to trade foreign exchange (FX) and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) seriously.
When you trade online with City Credit Capital (CCC), you become one of the elite few who decide to really take control of their financial future. Do you want to trade with a fully-regulated brokerage based high above London's financial district? Do you want to trade with a broker that has spent years developing its own trading technology to offer you fast execution on a wide range of financial instruments? Do you want your broker to truly understand your financial strategy to create a tailored trading experience for you? If so, join CCC today.

Standard Account/Standard Account $5000
Mini Account/ Mini Account $500

Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
Online CFD trading offers today's investors one of the most flexible tools to take advantage of market movements without tying up funds by trading the underlying instrument…

Trading Platform
The MarketsTrader enables you to trade forex and CFDs from one multi-product online trading platform, rich with analytical tools and live market information. Experience MarketsTrader now.
MarketsTrader can be easily downloaded or you can choose to trade via our web-based browser – the choice is yours. MarketsTrader is a fast, secure and flexible way to trade today's markets.

Online foreign exchange trading is already one of the most popular financial markets to trade.
With prices falling and technologies becoming more sophisticated, it's time to discover the real power of forex with City Credit Capital.
Why Trade Forex?
The foreign exchange market, also referred to as the "Forex" or "FX" market, is the largest and most liquid, financial market in the world.
Three countries (UK, USA and Japan) continue to dominate the forex market. With a turnover of just under 3 trillion US dollars a day, the forex market dwarfs the London, New York and Tokyo stock exchanges combined. Forex provides several advantages when compared with traditional investments.
Below are several examples of these advantages:

Traditional Marketplace
Limited trading hours; trading times restricted to "local" market which decreases the attractiveness of the market for overseas investors.
Threat of limited liquidity, stocks are particularly vulnerable to large price fluctuations in after-hour markets or when trading smaller corporate issues.
Large capital requirements, high margin rates, restrictions on shorting, very little autonomy.
Short selling and stop order restrictions.
Pattern day traders subject to restrictions requiring a substantial amount of cash on account prior to trading.

Forex Market
The forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Because of the decentralised clearing of trades and overlap of major markets in Asia, London and the United States, the market remains open and liquid throughout the day and overnight.
The foreign exchange market is the most liquid market in the world eclipsing all others. In comparative terms, daily volumes are more than 40 times that of the Dow Jones Index.
One consistent margin rate 24-hours a day allows forex traders to leverage their capital more efficiently.
No restrictions on type (market, limit or stop orders) or timing of trades.
No restrictions. Very low account balances, due to leverage/margin strategy. Lower client account requirements.

Forex Product List
Trading forex with City Credit Capital gives you access to a wealth of foreign exchange products to trade regardless of whether you download the MarketsTrader, trade on the web-based version or conduct your trading over the telephone…

Forex Trading Strategies
There are almost as many trading strategies used in the forex market as there are traders. But there is some commonality shared by most forex market participants…

Forex Examples
Trading forex with City Credit Capital has been made simple and fast using our proprietary technology MarketsTrader. Review the examples below to see how easy it is for yourself.

CCC is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is bound by their rules and regulations in the conduct of its trading business.

City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd ("CCC") is authorised by the FSA to hold client money and client assets. Our company registration number is 232015 and you can learn more about our regulatory status by clicking on the link below and then entering the number in the search field.
Financial Services Authority
About the FSA
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulates most financial services markets, exchanges, and firms in the UK. It sets the standards that must be met and can take action against firms if they fail to meet the required standards.
Requirements of FSA regulated brokers
As a FSA regulated firm, City Credit Capital is obligated to meet the stringent standards set by the FSA, submit financials reports on a regular basis and undertake detailed annual audits. This includes ensuring that client funds are held in quality Tier 1 banks approved by the FSA. All money received from our clients are treated as “Client Money” under FSA client money rules. Under these rules all client money must be kept separate from company funds, in a segregated account and at no point can client money be treated as company assets. City Credit Capital cannot use client money to cover our own needs, expenses and risks or utilize those funds in case of insolvency. This means higher protection of investments for all our clients. Client money rules form one of the most important parts of the UK financial regulatory system related to consumers and City Credit Capital is committed to upholding them.
If a FSA regulated company fails to meet its financial obligations, a liquidator would not be able to use client money to meet claims of general creditors of the failed company. Clients’ funds can only be used to pay out compensation to clients who held deposits with the company.
If you prefer to speak to the FSA directly, you can telephone the FSA Consumer Help Line on 0845 606 1234 (8am-6pm Monday to Friday). Alternatively, write to them at FSA Consumer Help Line, 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HS.
Treating Customers Fairly Charter
City Credit Capital (UK) Limited ("CCC") is committed to ensuring that the FSA principle of treating customers fairly (TCF) is applied to all areas of the firm's business and it believes that by adopting TCF it will add value to the service provided.

CCC aims to:
meet the needs of each customer by offering a transparent, efficient and professional service which it will constantly review to identify areas for improvement,
ensure we treat customers fairly and deal with any complaints that arise, promptly and fairly, and in line with FSA deadlines and rules,
ensure that TCF values adopted by the directors of the firm are communicated to, and supported by, all staff members, and
ensure that the standard of service provided to all our customers either meets or exceeds the standards required by the Financial Services Authority.
All formal complaints should in the first instance be made in writing to us: Compliance Department, City Credit Capital (UK) Limited, Level 20, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London, England EC2N 1HQ and marked for the attention of our Compliance Officer. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.
Client Funds
City Credit Capital is not a bank. We do not borrow or lend our clients monies, and such monies are always held in segregated accounts to ensure the best protection for our clients all over the world. CCC has no borrowings and no exposure to sub-prime assets.
City Credit Capital has achieved steady, organic growth without borrowing and we have rigorous internal controls and audit procedures.

City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd ("CCC") is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority ("FSA). FSA register number 232015.
CCC regularly submits statements of its solvency to the FSA, along with its annual audited financial statements, annual audited returns of information and a report from the auditors assessing our compliance with the FSA client money rules.
In the unlikely event of bankruptcy by City Credit Capital, the FSA (through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme) guarantees repayment of 100% of the first £50,000 per client or its equivalent in other currencies. Further details can be found at the FCSC website. After this the firm's fiduciary insurance covers client funds.
All client funds are kept in a Client Segregated Account at HSBC. These funds cannot be used for supporting City Credit's operating cost.
City Credit Capital is registered in England and Wales and is consequently governed by the Companies Act, which includes a requirement to have the financial accounts audited each year by independent accountants.
We want to ensure that everybody who trades with CCC is aware of and comfortable with the nature of the investments made with CCC and the security CCC makes available to them. So, if you have any particular questions, please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the security of trading with CCC.
This information is correct as at 20th December 2010.
Risk Warning
The trading of Foreign Exchange, derivatives and Contracts for Difference carries a high level of risk to your capital and it is possible to lose more than your initial investment. Only speculate with money you can afford to lose. These products may not be suitable for all investors, therefore ensure you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice where necessary.
City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd ("CCC") is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. (FSA Register number 232015). CCC is registered in England and Wales under Companies' House. Registered Number 04343251. Company address: 20th Fl. Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street London, EC2N 1HQ, England, UK. … cation.asp