FrontStocks Ltd Company offers qualitative services for its clients on international financial markets. Company uses up-to-date technologies to secure maximum comfort and convenience for our clients.
1 Minimum transaction size is 1 dollar

Company offers clients to make transactions priced at from 1 dollar. Absence of minimal restrictions on transactions’ volume enables to test trading system’s capabilities in full. Owing to this fast beginning traders can make speculative operations on a par with major investors.
2 Get profit from price change per 1 point.

There are no restrictions on minimum price movement of the chosen instrument when you make transactions. It follows that to get a profit from transaction a 1 point change of rate is required. Transaction execution time is also not limited what makes work stable and pleasant.
3 Client’s anonymity and safety

FrontStocks Company was the first to introduce anonymous accounts enabling a client to trade incognito. Client can be confident in a safety of his own personal information. Also the company is not a tax agent providing a client with an opportunity to deal with profit taxation problems by himself.
4 Transparency philosophy

FrontStocks Company is a market maker and establishes current rates of financial instruments. It means that we serve as a trading site for our clients and are obliged to support both buy and sell orders on traded instruments. To secure qualitative execution of transactions we constantly support a high level of liquidity. Our technologies allow to make use of external counter agents in automatic mode.
5 No spreads and commissions

FrontStocks Company doesn't differentiate prices of instruments on "Bid" and "Ask". We allow trader to open and close a transaction at the uniform price. It means that spreads on all trading instruments are equal to zero and company's profit is already included in transaction costs. Currency options which we offer are a single type of transactions that allows to avoid spreads and commission fees at the same time.
6 No slippages

Every transaction is executed and closed at the certain price. A client fully controls transactions’ execution prices and can always check them using a public source which is a public quotes archive by FrontStocks Company.
7 No payment for carrying positions

Our company doesn’t charge payment from a client for making transactions and carrying positions to the next trading day. Swap deductions are equal to zero. It allows to avoid losses when making medium-term and long-term transactions. It follows that a client shouldn’t worry and take a swap into account when making transactions.

It enables us to assert that trading conditions provided by FrontStocks Company are the widest in the field of speculative operations on the international financial markets to this day.